Carlos Pizano

Board Member


Mr. Pizano is an organizational consultant and entrepreneur with 40+ years of professional experience. In Mr. Pizano’s extensive consulting experience he has worked in the financial services, insurance, retail, legal, real estate, utility, infrastructure and automobile, agriculture, manufacturing, health care and non-profit sectors. He has served as the financial Vice President and Operations Vice President of the largest manufacturer of wood laminates in Colombia, and as Advisor to the President of Avianca. Mr. Pizano has served on boards of directors including Amarilo, Bio D, Cimento, Colpatria, Contract, Diseño Urbano, Editorial El Globo, Mineros de Antioquia, Mundial de Seguros and others. He has a passion and talent for effecting transformational change in the way that organizations are managed, mentoring of high impact entrepreneurs, and coaching boards of directors.

Mr. Pizano studied Mechanical Engineering and earned a Masters in Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston.