YELLOWSTONE CAPITAL PARTNERS is a Colombia-based Private Equity Real Estate investment firm specialized in large-scale opportunistic development and land banking. The firm is a partnership between AMARILO INVERSIONES, the investment holding platform owned by the founding fathers of AMARILO GROUP, the leading Real Estate development and investment group in Colombia, and INVEXFUND, a local reputable investment banking and asset management firm.    

The Firm was launched in 2015 opening the opportunity to invest in high growth potential value-driven deals within the AMARILO proprietary pipeline. As disciplined investors with a businessman vision, the FUND cherry-picks opportunities with the best risk/return profiles to invest side-by-side with investors for shared success.   

YELLOWSTONE will capitalize on AMARILO’s and INVEXFUND’s complementary proven entrepreneurial and capital track-record, by investing in assets through 4 diversified Real Estate strategies: i) Income-producing, ii) For-sale, iii) Land-banking, and iv) Alternative investments.

Affiliates & Strategic Partners 

AMARILO is a leading residential, retail, office, and industrial Real Estate group, engaging in the sourcing, structuring, development, investment, construction, sale, and management of Real Estate projects in key urban growth hubs in Colombia and Panama. 

The Company was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Bogota, Colombia. As of fiscal year 2016, AMARILO achieved total sales of over COP$ 1.3 billion and secured 7,301 housing units under contract with 2,151 direct employees and 6,500 indirect employees. During the past 5 years, Amarilo has increased EBITDA on average 19.5% per year.

For the past 3 years, the Company has been ranked No. 1 in the industry for best reputation and corporate governance by Business Monitor of Corporate Reputation (MERCO)

CIMENTO  is a leading developer and operator of income-producing Real Estate assets in the Andean Region. The Company is as a partnership between AMARILO INVERSIONES, the investment platform owned by the founding fathers of AMARILO, and SPECTRUM, a leading Central-American Real Estate Company subsidiary of Guatemalan-based, PANTALEON GROUP, a prominent industrial and investments conglomerate in Latin-America. SPECTRUM currently operates 7 proprietary shopping centers in Central America.